You Must First Care for Yourself to Care for Others...
114 E. Kentucky Street
Clayton, IN  46118

Body Mechanix Therapeutic Massage opened on December 9, 2006 and is located right in Clayton on SR 39. Believe it or not, Clayton is only 5 miles from Plainfield and 4 1/2 miles from Danville.

Body Mechanix has become a successful and vibrant addition to the Town of Clayton. My vision when I first opened was to give massages that would actually help with chronic pain but to keep the prices affordable so that clients could come in often enough to make a difference. I could never have imagined where that vision would take me. At Body Mechanix you can receive many different massage modalities that culminate in actual healing of the muscles. The services range from a deep relaxing massage to the lymph flow technique, or even therapeutic cupping. And now, you can also receive Hypnotherapy services.

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